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Summer Awaits….

The long-awaited summer and its sunny days are right around the corner, so it's worth focusing on those summer outfits that will be extremely popular! Will fashion be retro again? Or will there be more modern cuts that will make you feel feminine. So, what summer dress should you choose? 

From Classic White to Juicy Orange Dresses

Let's start with colors, this summer certainly won’t be boring, dresses that have pops of color and are bright will be emphasizing femininity. As every season, white dresses are a standard choice, but a light beige dress can make you stand out.  Today, such shades are an indicator of elegance, which at the same time are comfortable and practical - it suits every style and, most importantly, all types of beauty.

 summer dresses and summer outfit ideas


If you prefer more intense and more vibrant colors in your dresses - no worries. Summer dresses that fall in a delicate pink or red will also be fashionable. Warm tones in dresses will also be popular, they are a great summer outfit option if your hanging out with friends or for possibly a romantic evening.

The perfect summer dress can be slightly longer this season, reaching below the knee. This is not only for comfort, but also has a desirable elegance - longer dresses with a straight cut will be a choice and therefore it is worth paying special attention to them.

Casual dresses have a certain style, which will be perfect for both work and evening dinner plans. The Mia Dress from Mika May Clothing has a straight and slightly expanding downwards cut that is perfect, but also dresses that are flared at the bottom. The talk around town will be interesting necklines - from pleated, through the classic V variant, to the shirt top. A very interesting option for summer dresses with be a square neckline or with a notch under the nape at the back.


summer dresses and summer outfit ideas


Delicateness will be fashionable, often decorated with lace which draws attention to detail. You want to choose a fabric; you will feel elegant in every situation.

Dresses this summer will have a lot to offer - you will be able to choose among various styles, because designers will focus on versatility... Summer dresses will not only fit perfectly, but will also emphasize your individuality. Remember that the perfect summer dress is one that pleases you above all and makes you feel special. 

So, choose what you like and feel beautiful, regardless of the prevailing trends - we will help you in your search for the best summer dress in which you will look dazzling! -Mika May

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