The Morning After..

That day has come! The one that each of us dreads and drains your energy even before 9:00 am…the "I have nothing to wear” day.

After everything happened last night between Emma and me, all I wanted to do was throw on some jeans and a t-shirt to survive till the evening. We haven’t had a fight like this in years and it turns out I said some things that I now regret and I was wrong about.


For a moment it seemed to me that the situation would be saved by a forgotten black sweater - after all, when nothing comes to mind, best to reach for something classic, but my cat had to take a nap on it. If things couldn't get worse my pants were not fitting correctly, I had a stain on my favorite blouse and my spare one didn’t match the shoes I really wanted to wear today.

So, what to wear???

The longer I stood in front of my wardrobe, the more frustrated I felt. Especially that, I’m supposed to be downtown for a meeting and look professional. Plus I have date with William and I can't go on a date in pants that are too loose, nor in a sweater, which clearly shows that my cat sets the rules at home.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The mailman! he seemed unfazed of me in my sweatpants and no make up as he handed me my mail.....

The world took on beautiful colors again. I noticed the birds singing as I rushed to open the box which just arrived.

My thoughts suddenly shifted to my date tonight!!! I was holding the perfect dress that would save the day…

My Olivia dress– it was exactly what I needed. Airy, but elegant, knee length with long sleeves. I quickly threw off the sweatpants and pulled it over my body. It fit perfectly. I quickly did my make up and hair and felt a rush of confidence and elegance all rolled into one!

The first part of the day saved!